Complex of actions aimed to promotion and advertising of goods and services through the internet. The aim of internet marketing as the aim of a simple marketing is to raise a realization of proprietary products.


Perfect decision that allows companies with a small budget effectively promote any brands, business ideas and offers. For example a price of TV-, radio-, or printed media ad is higher than the same ad in electronic media.

Price of development and search engine optimization of web-resource which will effectively resolve a plenty of advertising and marketing tasks during many years usually doesn’t exceed the cost of the smallest promotional campaign.


Choice of marketing company is hard? Read a short instruction to understand what service is necessary exactly to you.

Today you can hardly find a company that doesn’t promote its services through the internet. Amount of trading facilities is constantly growing in the net.

Because of competition growth in the net a use of one or several kinds of marketing isn’t enough for promotion of site, brand, or product. You need a complex approach and a qualified worker. We offer:

  • PPC Advertising
  • Local Listing
  • Social Media Marketing

The next we’ll define all pros and cons of all optimization tools.


Contextual ad it’s a short text advertisement, which appears on top of the page, on the right side and in the end of a main unit of search results.

Attract attention

Write a right title to raise a number of clicks and make an ad stand out from the others.

Increase CTR

There are many ways, e,g, to use synonyms, ‘magic’ words, optimize thematic requests, use keywords, call to actions etc.


Analize and detect advertisement that really sells and make focus on it. Totally explore contextual advertising market.

Reduce cost

Thanks to optimization and testing key requests it is possible to reduce the cost per one click.

  • + fast launchingand getting customers the next day, also rather powerful tools for optimization and geo targeting.
  • auction of click cost: who sets a higher cost per click often gets a higher position in SERP.

    To get a 100% result during an optimization of your business through world wide web, start with your city. Create your business in google maps and register advertisements on local sites.

    In what cases- promotion in google maps will be actual?

    • if your target audience is situated in your city and customers can come to your office (shop, dentistry, workshop etc).
    • if you have online selling, or a target audience looks for your services pointing a location (locksmith Lynn, ticket sale Lynn, build a website Lynn etc).
    • if you need your company to be represented in the net as good as possible or you need your company to be more recognizable.
    •  if customers are situated in another country and need services in your city. E.g. request ‘hotel boston’ can attract many foreign tourists to your site.
    • if your clients call you for consultation before purchase. Phone number is shown next to company title and customers can call not visiting a site(taxi services, food delivery etc).
    • for companies that are not tied to phone and adress (game portal, e-shops)
    • google local map in web search is visible not for every business field and is available not for every form of local activities.

    +  if your company is in TOP10 google maps on certain request and in given location, users of google can see your company in any country in any moment and you don’t need to pay for showing of your advertisement every time.

    – laborious process of optimization, which takes much time.

    3. Social media marketing + branding

    Thousands and even millions of your potential customers are in different social networks right now and don’t know about you. SMM is a new channel for your business that allows to solve this problem.

    Brand awareness
    Your presence in the social networks is a necessity. Right SMM strategy for your business leads to brand popularization.
    Customer retention
    You have an opportunity of constant informing of your subscribers about innovations and events that increases the probability of conversion.
    Powerful feedback
    You should be ready to communicate with potential customers, because a constructive criticism helps to fix bugs that you didn’t know about.
    Increase a confidence
    When a company is represented in social networks and informs about all innovations and successes, contacts with clients, confidence level is increasing.
    Our services for promotion in social networks:

    -Creating accounts, groups and official pages.

    -Design solutions in clients’ profile creation in accordance with a company style or brandbook.

    -Development of a content plan for further publishing of information.

    -Attraction of target audience such as community members and potential clients.

    -Maintaining clients’ profiles: publication of content, communication with members and subscribers.

    -Organize contests, prize drawing, inquiries for increasing of visitors’ activity and attraction of new ones.

    -Adjustment and managing of context advertisement in social networks and its placing in necessary category.

    -After coordination of strategy with the customer we start its realization. Gained working experience in given direction helps us to work effectively with different subjects.

    seo optimization

    Complex of works aimed at site attendance increase through Search Engine Result Page in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon и Yandex on target query.

    What influences on price and terms of website promotion?

    1. Competition and region
      Quantity of competitors’ sites in your business field is one of the main criterion of work volume evaluation and promotion time.
    2. Current site position
      Speed and price of optimization depends on site’s position from the first Search Engine Result Page on selected key words.
    3. Quantity of promoting search queries
      The more competitive high-frequency queries you have the more you’ll pay for site promotion.
    4. Internal optimization
      Unique content, meta-tags, microdata, cross-linking, site’s loading speed, also influences on Search Engine Result Page.
    5. Site preparedness for promotion
      Before promotion, SEO audit is required and after you’ll find out site preparedness rate and measure the time for correction.
    6. Search algorithm update
      Search systems are constantly complicating its algorithms. It leads to frequent internal and external improvement.

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