How Site Speed Influences Search Engine Ranking

How Site Speed Influences Search Engine Ranking

How fast your website loads is an important factor for search engines. Websites with a slow loading speed are negatively impacted by major search engines as they favorites fast loading websites and, will push those over slower loading ones. Here are some ways to improve your site loading speed.

First and Foremost Check the speed of your website

You can do this by using Google’s tool “PageSpeed” which was created to assess and optimize the speed of your website. It analyzes your site, identifies weaknesses and reports them back to you letting you know, what you need to change.

Use a fast server

The main cause of a slow loading website is a slow or unsuitable web hosting service. Switch your hosting provider to one that offers performance optimization services in conjunction with the price of the hosting or, consult your hosting manager to find the right plan for your site.

Image Optimization

High-resolution images consume large amounts of bandwidth when loading thus, uploading images can unnecessarily increase the size of your site, causing your page to load slowly. Consequently, it’s better to only use images when necessary and by preference smaller images over larger ones

Optimize CSS & JavaScript

If implemented incorrectly JavaScript and CSS can cripple your website’s loading speeds. The loading speed of your websites is heavily influenced by the size and number of CSS and JS files, you can compress these by using tools such as “CSS Minifier” and “CSS Compressor” for CCS files and, “JS Minifier” and “JavaScript Compression” for JavaScript files. These tools can be found online.

It May Be Unfixable

Sites that are developed by unexperienced or poor coders with help from plugins and theme builders on content management systems aren’t usually subject to optimization. More often than not, such websites need to be remade.


Implement all these tips to increase your website loading speed, boost search engine rankings and, customer experience.